RF Cable Coaxial Cable for SMB Connector

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    RF Cable SDL-SMB(J)/FP-60
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RF Cable SDL-SMB(J)/FP-60

Appearance: The SMB connector is made of high quality copper, with gold-plated surface and PTEF insulation. The cable uses high quality RG179 high-frequency cable with high temperature resistance.

Performance: With strong anti-corrosion and weather resistance ability, the product can be used in bad environment and applicable to connect all kinds of high-frequency equipment internal port RF signal.

Characteristic: Low transmission loss, high reflection and excellent shielding performance.



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RF Cable SDL-SMB(J)/FP-60


No Item Specification
1 Frequency DC-1.2GMHz
2 Impedance 75Ω
3 Insertion Loss 0.5dB
4 Working Temperature  -40℃+85℃



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RF Cable SDL-SMB(J)/FP-60

The length of cable can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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