DTU-245 Dektec StreamXpert-StreamXpress

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    FantASI USB-2 ASI/SD-SDI Input+Output Adapter
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DTU-245 Dektec StreamXpert-StreamXpress

FantASI ASI/SD-SDI input+output for USB-2

  • DekTec's classic and iconic portable ASI adapter for USB bus, ideally suited for use with a laptop, but convenient with a standard PC or server too.
  • More than ten years on the market and still the essential tool for every DTV engineer!



  • Convenient, compact USB adapter that can be used to capture and generate MPEG-2 transport streams (DVB-ASI) as well as and uncompressed serial digital video (SD-SDI)

  • USB powered - no power supply required

  • Simultaneous input and output operation for transport streams

  • Huffman compression of SDI signals for reducing required USB bandwidth

  • 16-Mbytes of local RAM for sustained real-time streaming



  • StreamXpress ASI / SD-SDI player

  • StreamXpert Lite basic viewer and recorder

  • StreamXpert transport-stream analyser

  • SdEye SDI waveform analyser

  • VF-Rec advanced capturing

  • Free Windows/Linux drivers and associated SDK for developing custom applications

Thông số kỹ thuật

DTU-245 Dektec StreamXpert-StreamXpress

FantASI USB-2 ASI/SDI Input+Output Adapter

Parameter  Value
Connector  75-Ω BNC (2x)
ASI  Physical layer  EN50083-9
Bitrate range (full-duplex)  0 to 160Mbit/s
Bitrate range (half-duplex)  0 to 214Mbit/s
Packet size  188 or 204
SDI  Physical layer  SMPTE 259M
Bitrate (half-duplex only)  270Mbit/s
YUV #bits  8 or 10 bit
USB port  USB-2
Power (through USB-2)  5V, 400mA max
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)  87 x 104 x 30



Type  Description
DTU-245-SLP  USB-2 ASI/SDI input and output with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress
DTU-245-SXP  DTU-245-SLP with StreamXpert
DTU-245-SY-SXP  DTU-245-SLP with SdEye and StreamXpert
DTU-245-DVB+  DTU-245-SLP with DVBAnalyzer in-depth TS analyser and viewer
Ứng dụng

DTU-245 Dektec StreamXpert-StreamXpress

FantASI USB-2 ASI/SDI Input+Output Adapter

  • Compact USB adapter for capturing, analyzing and generating, ASI or SD-SDI digital-video streams.
  • Convenient way to add ASI connectivity to your PC or laptop. Use it with DekTec standard software or with your own application.
  • Great as portable demo set, on-site recording and analysis of transport streams, debugging of MPEG-2 equipment, etc.
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