Bộ Thu Quang FTTH Fullwell FWR-8610R

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Bộ Thu Quang FTTH Fullwell FWR-8610R

Fiber to the home ( FTTH ) broadband access is the ultimate development goal, FWR-8610R optical receiver is the target terminal products for this goal. FWR-8610R device adopts technology of high isolation WDM in order to separate CATV and ONU signal. Further more, it also adopts low optical power receiving and RF-AGC control technique, which could achieve the requirement of ≤-2dBm CATV receiving for FTTH. The optical power receiving monitoring indicator LED ( ≥-15dBm ) is provided on the pane and it supports RF outputs constantly, convenience of customers use, which is the ideal receiver equipment for FTTH.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Bộ Thu Quang FTTH Fullwell FWR-8610R

Item Unit Performance Parameter
Optical characteristic input wavelength nm 1310, 1490, 1550
output wavelength nm 1310, 1490
operation wavelength nm 1540~1560
channel separation dB ≥40 (1310/1490nm and 1550nm)
response A/W ≥0,9
receive power range dBm  +2~-18
reflection loss dB ≥55
fiber linker / SC/APC
RF characteristic PON linker /  
Bandwidth/flatness MHz/dB 47-1000/≤±1
output level dBuv AGC: 82±1/(-2~--12dBm)
reflection loss dB ≥14 (75Ω characteristic impedance)
RF output interface / Inch (one way output)
CNR/MER dB ≥44/34(PAL-D 60CH, OMI 3,8%,-9dBm)
CTB/CSO/HUM dB ≥65/≥60/≥60(-1dBm receive )
Other requirement power supply/consumption V/W External AC100~240V→DC5/5
working/storage temperature  -35~50/-40~75 ( humidity 5~90% )
size mm 95x92x23


BY_Thu_QuangPower Input

POWER IN: FWR-8610R is the external power supply input port, First should be the DC+5V External voltage stabilizer output line connected tothe device POWER IN, than put DC+5V external mano-stat insert 100/240V, DC+5V Face posted power light, show power pasrt is regularly working.

Optical Fiber Input

OPTICAL IN: FWR-8610R is input interface of optical signal, in optical access should clean APC TOP by alcohol, than align adapter sunken mouth, fiber mouth march link; when the light receiving power is larger than +2dBm, the yellow indicator light on, to show the optical signal is too high; when the light receiving power is less than -15dBm, the red indicator lights on, to show the optical siggnal is too small; if the light receiving power is in the range of +2~-15dBm, the green indicator lights on, to show the optical signal is receiving normally.

Install Test Matter Need Attention

FWR-8610R device is indoor type structure, Not to be used in plasce of harassment by the rain; Packed in the box of the indoor appropriate space, For cooling; the output of the cable shielding network must be grounded, Grouding resistance should be less than 4Ω, The local power supply for electrical shell has to be grounded, Above ground resistance.

Tail fiber input and output cable has to be reserved certain use, FWR-8610R device is with SC/APC.


FWR-8610R Outlay power supply, AC100~240V DC+5V 500mA 1PCS.




Ứng dụng

Bộ Thu Quang FTTH Fullwell FWR-8610R

  • Digital CATV
  • DBS & MMDS
  • FTTx PON


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