NDS3558B Dexin Encoder Modulator

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    HDMI-IP Network Encoder
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NDS3558B Dexin Encoder Modulator

NDS3558B network encoder is an encoding device for IP broadcasting. The signals source could be from STB, PC, TV and etc. It can transfer the live program through the internet/LAN, and the output signals are to be received by PC, phone and other mobile terminals. Dexin NDS3558B lets you access your IP STB, PC or TV anywhere to watch your programs. Whether you are in your house or across the globe, you'll never miss a game or your favorite show. The device supports HDMI input and encodes in MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 format, after that, it gives the IP signal output over UDP (unicast/multicast), RTMP, RTP/RTSP, HTTP and HLS. The USB port is designed to record and save the encoded video (TS) in ts files in the USB Keys or Hard Disks and play it back through IP out to increase your content options.

Key Features

  • Easy setup

  • Watch and control your live and recorded TV shows anywhere, anytime

  • Multiple streams out with different protocol/resolution/bitrate…

  • Resolution downscale conversion

  • HLS Protocol supports Apple terminals simultaneously running as per different resolution and bit rate setting

  • USB port for TS recording and playing back, increase signal source option

  • HDMI input

  • IP Output over UDP (Unicast/multicast), RTMP, RTP/RTSP, HLS and HTTP

  • Absolutely no monthly fees


NDS3558B-Dexin Encoder Modulator





Thông số kỹ thuật

NDS3558B Dexin Encoder Modulator


         HDMI input Video Resolution 1920x1080_60p, 1920x1080_60i
1920x1080_50p, 1920x1080_50i
1280x720_60p, 1280x720_50p
720x576_60i, 720x576_50i
Encoding MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
Bit rate 1Mbps ~ 15Mbps
Audio Encoding MPEG1 Lớp II, MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC
Sampling rate 48KHz, 44.1KHz (RTMP)
48,64, 96, 128kb / giây
Stream out IP out over UDP (Unicast / multicast), RTMP, RTP / RTSP, HLS, HTTP (RJ45, tự thích ứng 100 / 1000M self-adaption)
System Remote control Web-server NMS
Language English control interface
General Approx weight ≤1Kg
Operation temperature 0 ~ 45oC
Power supply DC12V
183 * 110 * 45mm
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NDS3558B Dexin Encoder Modulator


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