DMP900 Wellav Digital Media Platform

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    ASI input - IP output
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DMP900 Wellav Digital Media Platform


  • DMP900 is a powerful, platform-based and multipurpose video-processing product targeted for the most video delivery requirements.
  • Equipped with six hot-swappable modules, DMP900 can support almost any video delivery requirement with any combination of receiving de-scrambling/transcoding, re-multiplexing/grooming, scrambling, modulation and IP/ASI turn around for service providers.
  • With built-in service/stream level redundancy, monitoring and grooming functions, DMP900 can integrate with any video solutions/systems and support 24 hours non-stop operation for years to come.



  • Dense modular design: 1 RU with 6 hot-swappable module slots

  • Supports up to 6 Gbps TS stream multiplexing/grooming

  • Stream/Port/Service level redundancy

  • Supports EIT multiplexing (optional) and PSI/SI table edition/insertion (both DVB and ATSC standard)

  • Hot swappable and dual redundant power supply design

  • Multiple configuration/monitoring tools: Web-UI NMS and SNMP

  • Supports WMS (Wellav’s centralized manager with N+M equipment-level redundancy)

  • Easy upgrade to new technologies with only module replacement

  • Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) ≥100,000 Hours

DMP900 Wellav Digital Media Platform



Thông số kỹ thuật

DMP900 Wellav Digital Media Platform

Capacity 6Gbps (approx. 1500 programs)
Slot Number 6 hot-swappable slots
Routing Any input to any output
Table Supported SI/PSI/PSIP
PID Processing Pass-through, remapping, filtering
EIT Processing Re-multiplexing and pass-through
External Data EPG and SI insertion
Hardware Interface 1 x RJ45 (100Mbps)
User Interface LED indicators
LCD screen
Front panel control
Web UI & NMS
SNMP (monitoring only)
WMS1 (Wellav Centralized Manager for N+M backup, optional)
Physical & Environment
Input Voltage 90~260 VAC
Dual Power Supply Support, hot-swappable
Power Consumption Max. 120W (fully loaded)
Chassis Dimension 480mm x 44mm x 490mm (WxHxD), 1RU
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~50℃
Storage Temperature -10℃ ~70℃
Operating Humidity <95%
MTBF ≥100,000 hours


Order Information

Model  Description
DMP900 Chassis with 6 slots
DMP900-01 48V DC version of DMP900
DVBS2 DVB-S/S2 receiving module (4CH, or 2CH with 16/32APSK), supports multi-stream receiving
DVBC DVB-C receiving module (4CH, Annex A/C)
8VSB 8VSB/ATSC receiving module (4CH)
DVBT2 DVB-T2/T receiving module (4CH)
ISDBT ISDB-T receiving module (4CH)
TSIP TSIP module (2 x SFP+2 x RJ45,TS Qty.: 64In32Out, 16In256Out or 256Out)
TSIP+ Enhanced TSIP module (2 x SFP+2 x RJ45,TS Qty.: 256In256Out)
IPASI 2-in-1 IP/ASI module (2 x RJ45+2 x ASI, TSIP: 64In32Out)
DS3 DS3 module (4 x BNC, input or output configurable)
SWITCH ASI switch module (5 CH)
CI Descrambling module (2 CI slots, CAS or BISS options)
Scrambler+ Scrambling module (CAS, BISS or AES options)
IQAM Non-adjacent QAM modulating module (max. 16CH, Annex A/C or B)
QAM QAM modulating module (8CH@Annex A/C or 4CH@Annex B)
LQAM QAM modulating module (4CH@Annex A/C, 1 or 2CH@Annex B, local RF combination)
OFDM OFDM modulating module (4CH)
8VSBM 8VSB modulating module (2CH)
ISDBTM ISDBT modulating module (1CH)
SQAM QAM with scrambling (max. 8CH, Annex A/C)
SOFDM OFDM with scrambling (4CH)
EN4AV-4M2B00 MPEG-2 or 4 SD CVBS encoding module (4 SD programs)
EN4SDI-2M2Axx H.264 HD/SD or MPEG-2 SD SDI/CVBS encoding module (2CH, MPEG1L2, AC-3, AAC options)
EN4HDMI-xM2Axx H.264/MPEG-2 HDMI encoder (max. 4 x H.264 SD/HD or 4 x MPEG-2 SD, MPEG1L2, AAC, AC-3 options)
EN4SDI-2M2B00 MPEG-2/4 SD SDI/CVBS encoder (2CH, MPEG1L2, new)
EN2SDI-2Hxx MPEG-2/4 HD/SD SDI/CVBS encoder (2CH, MPEG1L2, AAC, AC-3 options)
EN4SDIHM H.264/MPEG-2 SDI low-bitrate HD/SD encoder (1 HD or 2 SD, multiple audio per service)
EN5-1U/4H 1CH UHD or 4CH HD HEVC/H.265 encoding module (4x SDI, 1 x HDMI, new )
TC4-2M2Axx Transcoder to 2 x H.264 SD/HD or MPEG-2 SD (MPEG1L2, AAC, AC-3 options)
TC4-4M2Axx Transcoder to 2 x H.264 HD or 4 x MPEG-2/4 SD (MPEG1L2, AAC, AC-3 options)
TC4-2M2B00 Transcoder to 2 x H.264/MPEG-2 SD (MPEG1L2)
TC4-4M2B00 Transcoder to 4 x H.264/MPEG-2 SD (MPEG1L2)
TCHD-M Low bitrate transcoder to H.264/MPEG-2 HD/SD programs (2CH HD-to-HD or 8CH SD-to-SD)
TCMS-M Multi-screen low-bit transcoder (2CH, with up to 7 profiles per channel)
Decoder 2-SD&HD SDI&HDMI decoder module
Decoder-AV 4 x CVBS decoder
Ứng dụng

DMP900 Wellav Digital Media Platform

  • Broadcasting, primary/secondary distribution, video delivery, Telecom/IPTV/OTT.
  • Up-link/down-link, content preparation/compression, digital turnaround, trans-modulation,
  • IP-ASI gateway, program insertion, multi-screen delivery, etc
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