Khuếch Đại 5-1003MHz Prevail KA6015B

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    Outdoor 2-Output port
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Khuếch Đại 5-1003MHz Prevail KA6015B


Adopt high quality silicon steel sheer ring transformer. Large capacity, low loss, high efficiency, noiseless, pure sine wave output with  automatic short circuit protection functions, strong load capacity. Be equipped with lightning protection circuit, is the ideal power equipment for CATV system.



  • Strong anti-lightning ability.
  • Pure sine wave AC output without waveform distortion.
  • Low loss, high stability, noiseless operation.
  • With power-on delay function.
  • With over current protetion ability, automatic power restoration after troubleshooting.
  • New high-efficiency ring transformer with large power, strong load capability.
  • Two-channel 60V output, internal equipped with independent fuse.
  • Built-in signal inserter, good flatness and return loss, the output is standard 5/8, standard cable interface or perfocation connector.
  • Adopt cast aluminum housing, outdoor use, easy installation, stable and reliable operation.



Data Sheet

Khuếch Đại 5-1003MHz Prevail KA6015B


Item Unit Parameter
Input Voltage Range V 190-240 AC
Power Frequency Hz 50
Output Voltage V 60±7
Rated Output Current A 1-10 potional
Power-on delay S About 10
Automatic Recovery Time S About 60
Overload protection current A Rated Current +2 ( or specified by user )
Insert-frequency MHz  5-1003
Inset Loss dB 1.5±0.5
Return Loss dB ≥16 (5-550MHz) ≥14 (550-1003MHz)
Max Working Environment Temperature 50


Structure diagram



1 Ring power supply transformer
2 2. AC60V output(or RF input)1
3 AC60V output(or RF input)2
4 220V power in
5 220V power input
6 Output 1 normal indicator
7 60V AC output fuse2
8 60V AC output fuse1
9 Relay
10 Overcurrent alarm indicator
11 Output 2 normal indicator


Block diagram


Using instructions

The power supply has two outputs: output 1 and output 2. Their internal circuits are exactly the same, can interchanged used (One used to input RF and the other used as AC/RF mixed output).

When the system overload or short circuit, the internal red protection indicator light turns on, the power supply automatically cut off output and detect whether the system line is back to normal. After troubleshooting, the power supply automatic power restoration in one minute.



Khuếch Đại 5-1003MHz Prevail KA6015B


  • Analog CATV System
  • Digital CATV System
  • Resort & Hotel & Building CATV System
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